iamDRED a Liberian American afrobeat artist.

As the eminence of afro beats continue to rise, the sound is sweeping the world off its feet.
The recognition of Africa as a musical powerhouse is finally being acknowledged, and the
artist DRED is making his mark in that realm.  DRED, born Eldred Kyne, is an African singer,
songwriter, and producer. Growing up in Monrovia, Liberia, DRED began his musical career
at the age of 12. After grinding for many years, he debuted his first single “Able You” in 2015
and completed a joint album titled Opulence in 2016.  The release of these musical antidotes
captured the attention of audiences worldwide and led to many collaborations. DRED’s first
international tour “Invite Only” in 2016 was successful and attracted more people to become
a part of his fan base. The infusion of Afro beats with an American flare has coined DRED as
having an original style like no other.  This past summer in 2019, DRED delivered his latest
album “The Commencement”. The project reflects a sultry sound of love and good vibes.
The creative genius put behind this album, and the infusion of two worlds,
Africa and America, are splendid to the ear.
Dred’s latest single “Fever” has been on a steady incline since its release in the summer of 2019.
While already being an album favorite, DRED decided to go with a feel-good
video that displayed his appreciation for women of all shapes and sizes.
While he serenades us about what he is willing to do for a special woman,
he also gives us something to dance and bop our heads to.
The song is so encapsulating that it invokes jubilant emotion into the listener,
taking them back to a time when they themselves, felt that way about a special someone.
Dred’s style and musical ability is nothing short of original.
He has a sound of his own, and we will continue to hear more of it.
Be sure to check out the single “Fever”, as well as, the album “The Commencement” available on all musical platforms.