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When a listener can read along with the lyrics, they less likely to skip around from song to song, artist to artist.

Listeners slow down.

And they form a deeper connection with the music.

With the transition from CDs to streaming, what we’ve gained in convenience we’ve lost in immersion. Lyrics, artwork, and CD booklets have taken a back seat to digital menus and skip buttons.

Weynah goal is to help our artists form stronger bonds with their listeners. One step toward this, is to help our artists get their lyrics into streaming apps.

Beginning today, all Weynah artists can get lyrics into stores.

We’re proud to make it available today.

To get your lyrics into stores, once you submit your lyrics, it takes 2–3 days for them to show up in stores. iTunes & Apple Music to start, spotify and the list goes on even markets that are not main stream. 

Thanks for reading and please enjoy the new service.

Click here to submit Lyrics. 

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